History of the company

The company was established on September 1, 1992. We began providing customs clearance services mostly to trade corporations. At that time our clients were mostly Russian subsidiaries of large foreign companies created for marketing the imported products. However, by 1993 we provided customs clearance of the first cosmetics production line for a joint enterprise created in Russia by L'Oreal.

Our next large project was the factory of "PepsiCo Holdings" (Pepsi) LLC in Moscow Oblast; we have provided customs clearance for a full range of production and technical equipment (1998).

After that and to the present moment we have completed customs clearance projects for industrial lines and equipment of the largest enterprises working in food, chemical, and automobile industries as well as for enterprises producing mass consumption commodities and pharmaceuticals. (See section: "Our projects").
For a long time we have been the operator and the owner of temporary storage warehouses at various customs offices of Moscow Region.
As the customs brokers institute appeared, our company became the first customs broker registered in Moscow Region (license No. 22500/0001 issued on 11.06.1999).
In 2001 the company opened an office in Vidnoye, Moscow Oblast.
In 2005 we opened the Central Office in Solnechnogorsky Region, Moscow Oblast.
In 2008 after we signed a contract for customs clearance of equipment for a factory for production of lorries, brands Volvo and Renault (Volvo, Renault) in Kaluga, we opened an office in Kaluga especially to implement this project.
In 2009 the Federal Customs Service began implementing the concept of transferring customs clearance into locations situated close to the border, thus we opened an office in Smolensk. In 2011 the company opened an office in Saint Petersburg as well as an office in Sheremetyevo that also worked with airfreights.

At the moment we are operating at Moscow Oblast, Central Excise, Kaluga, Smolensk, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Baltic, and Saint-Petersburg customs. In our work we widely use modern customs technologies for electronic declaration. Up to 90% of our declarations are filed without being printed out.

In 2011 we created the subdivision for forwarding freights transported by motor transport, air, and railroad as well as multimodal freights.
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